Klabin reaches global fluff pulp production record with the support of Valmet’s technology

Jan 26, 2022

First machine produced exclusively for fluff pulp production registered the milestone of 1,560 tons a day



After almost five years of intense and productive work, Klabin’s pulp dryer MC26, that produces fluff pulp, achieved the production world record when reaching 1,560 tons a day in April this year. The milestone was celebrated by Klabin and Valmet.

The partnership began in 2014 with a study for the development of the first drying machine designed for fluff pulp production since its conception, to be used mainly for sanitary pads and disposable diapers.

MC26 has always performed well regarding quality and safety and since start-up it has been breaking record on record. Every two-three months, we have production records while still producing in a very sustainable way. In Puma II project, we added additional brown pulp capacity and in 2020 an opportunity came to debottleneck the pine line. As a result, we did an upgrade with a thermo-compressor and a new packaging line to increase the fluff pulp capacity from 1,300 to 1,500 tons per day. To our pleasant surprise, it showed a high production level already in the first tests, which we celebrate”, 

says the Industrial Manager of Klabin's Puma Unit, Pablo Cadaval Santos.

According to him, the good results also impacted with positive feedback from their customers. “We had great acceptance, already from the first deliveries. The acceptance reflected 100% of the customers for whom we offered the product. Today, we have a big market share and global recognition”, adds Santos.

Tiago Moro Silveira, Sales Manager at Valmet, highlights the big challenge putting the Brazilian industry in one sector previously dominated by the North American market. “All the fluff used in Brazil was imported, or from other South American or North America producers. Nowadays, Klabin has a great share of this market, thanks to Valmet’s technical know-how and Klabin’s competence in all its structure”.

Besides the high productivity, Valmet is also committed to delivering sustainable solutions. “When we designed the machine, we used the best technology available in the market, with low energy, water and steam consumption. This is a commitment that we do not give up”, says Silveira.



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