FollaCell Pulp Mill to increase production capacity with Valmet’s Dilution Discharger

Nov 2, 2022

In 2018, FollaCell Pulp Mill set a goal: in the coming years, the annual production capacity would increase significantly. To reach that goal, FollaCell turned to Valmet and together we set up a road map to improve critical areas.


The Norwegian FollaCell Pulp Mill, part of the Mayr-Melnhof Group, produces high-quality mechanical pulp – BCTMP and CTMP – from round wood and sawmill chips. Depending on the type, the mill uses 100% softwood or a mixture of softwood and hardwood.

Over the years, FollaCell Pulp Mill and Valmet have developed a collaborative relationship. The latest mutual journey of the two was kicked off with a mill audit in 2018.

“FollaCell had set a goal to increase annual production capacity. In the mill audit we inspected and analyzed the production line and processes inside out. After identifying the bottle neck areas, we created a common road map including several major technology upgrades to help FollaCell reach their goal”, Jonny Björklund, Sales manager, Valmet, says.

Valmet Dilution Discharger increases reliability and availability

One of the first technology upgrades purchased by FollaCell was a new bleach tower discharger and bottom.

“Valmet Dilution Discharger is an important step towards increased production capacity. The investment will minimize the number of unplanned stops and need for maintenance, thus improving the availability of the equipment significantly”

Odd Morten Aalberg, Managing Director, FollaCell

The delivery is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023. It includes mechanical dismantling and erection of the bleach tower discharger and bottom. Valmet will also deliver new standpipe and a medium consistency pump and the rebuild of the existing shell. To secure smooth start-up, Valmet will provide training for the mill’s personnel and expert support prior to and during the start-up phase.

FollaCell recently also invested in a new Valmet baling line and flash dryer rebuild. The start-up of this upgrade is scheduled for the fourth quarter 2023.

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