A breakthrough in steel VTD process control with Valmet IR camera and Connors intelligent software

Sep 26, 2023

Valmet with its certified partner in the USA - Connors Industrials presented a paper titled ‘Experience with specialized infrared camera coupled with IR imaging and process control software for Vacuum Tank Degasser (VTD) operations’ at 6th European Steel Technology and Application Days (ESTAD) which was run simultaneously with METEC Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The session on ‘Electric steelmaking: Process control, automation and modeling I’ was chaired by Matti Aula of Outokumpu Stainless Finland.

Picture 1 (L to R): John Lewis, Chuck Krcmaric and Randall Stone at the 6th ESTAD, Dusseldorf.

The presenters (Randy Stone form Valmet, and John Lewis and Chuck Krmaric from Connors Industrials) emphasized on the significance of direct observation of the VTD process to improve safety and increase productivity. The paper touched upon capabilities of Valmet’s infrared (IR) camera technology to provide an optimized view despite flames, gas, or dust particles the during the challenging VTD process.

The Valmet Furnace Imaging System for steel applications

The camera coupled with the unique process control VTD Vision software (patent pending) developed by Connors Industrials was able to measure the VTD degas cycle operations focusing on process control, process evaluation, and overflow prediction and detection.

The presented highlighted the potential of the combined solution

  • to improve safety
  • degassing operations,
  • productivity, and
  • process efficiencies while reducing equipment downtime and maintenance. 

The paper and its findings were received with great interest and enthusiasm by the experts in the steel industry. This success adds another brick on the wall regarding Valmet’s philosophy of co-creating solutions with our valued partners to address and optimize the processes in our customer industries and applications. Connors (in north America) and Valmet (globally except in north America) team will continue further discussions to promote the noble solution with the steel prospects.


For more information and access to the paper, please contact

Dixit K.C, Business Manager, Valmet