Transforming machine performance with Metso’s new OptiFlo headbox for Fourdriniers and hybrid formers – twenty headboxes already sold

Published 5/23/2013, 8:00 AM EET

Metso’s newest headbox technology was created to meet today’s paper and board makers’ requirements: economical and environmentally friendly production, high machine productivity and reduction of energy costs, and excellent end product quality. Metso’s OptiFlo headbox for Fourdriniers and hydrid formers was launched in September 2012. It has been the choice for several customers, twenty headboxes have been sold already.

Metso's OptiFlo headbox for Fourdriniers and hydrid formers is made to meet today's paper and board makers' requirements.

Excellent end product quality and higher productivity

The secret behind the 30 % better CD profiling accuracy is OptiFlo’s ejector-type dilution system that mixes profiling water to every primary tube unlike traditional designs with a stilling chamber. More turbulence and flock breaking power is the result of redesigned hydraulics, using accelerating secondary tubes to deliver a more uniform and stable headbox jet to the wire. Raw material quality potential is maximized, and good formation enhances end product properties with perfect visual appearance.

Energy saving potential

Considerable energy savings are achieved through a more efficient tube design and reduced internal pressure losses of the turbulence generator and the closed-chamber type of the dilution system of the new OptiFlo headbox. Recirculation is minimized and overflow pumping is eliminated. The result is a 50 % reduction in energy consumed by headbox losses. Lower operating costs are also achieved through the simplified maintenance requirements and exceptional component accessibility of the new headbox, making service operations easier and shutdowns shorter. There is no need for a heating system, which also generates energy savings.

Secure investment

The modularity of the OptiFlo headbox construction makes later upgrades possible, keeping pace with changing production needs or control technology. The same headbox ensures optimum utilization even though production or quality targets may change later. With OptiFlo targeted improvements in productivity and quality can be reached right after the start-up.

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