TailDoc – new Metso solution for more efficient tail threading

Published Nov 18, 2009 14.00.00 +2 GMT

TailDoc is a new economical compressed air operated tail threading solution by Metso for double-fabric dryer sections. It enables fast and automated tail threading and minimal tail threading waste. Smooth, quick and reliable tail threading boosts the production efficiency of paper machines.

Operation and technology

TailDoc tail threading units thread the sheet tail through the machine with the help of compressed air. TailDoc consists of a doctor blade and a blade holder. The doctor blade separates the sheet tail from the cylinder surface with the help of a counter-directed air blow and guide blows usher the tail to the next fabric nip. Nozzles placed in the blade holder area create a tail stabilizer zone that settles the tail, prevents cross-machine sway and ensures fast tail tensioning and smooth transfer. TailDoc units are equipped with a turning mechanism that facilitates moving the tail threading doctor to its operating position against the dryer cylinder and releasing it back to its home position.


TailDoc tail threading solution is suitable for double-fabric dryer sections of paper or board machines. It is available for all paper grades and for lightweight board grades. It is easy to replace existing threading system with TailDoc due to its minimum space requirement. Therefore TailDoc is suitable for both rebuilds and new machines. TailDoc tail threading units are mounted either on the section frame or on existing doctor beams.

Cost-effective solution for twin-fabric dryer area threading problems

TailDoc works well at startups and in exceptional situations where rope-assisted tail threading is difficult. TailDoc allows greater moisture variations in paper or board and is also insensitive to speed changes. The doctor blade can be changed and TailDoc’s separate doctor blade and blade holder design makes it a very cost-effective solution.

Benefits of Metso TailDoc tail threading solution

Minimizes break times due to reliable and automated tail threading operation No loss of production time due to rope changes Minimal tail threading waste Cost-effective solution due to minimum maintenance need and without rope costs Improved safety, all threading is done without manual operator involvement

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