SAICA orders WinDrum™ Pro from Metso Paper

Published June 23, 2004 15.00.00 +2 GMT

S.A. Industrias Celulosa Aragonesa (SAICA) has placed an order with Metso Paper for a high capacity WinDrum Pro winder. The WinDrum Pro winder will be delivered to the SAICA mill located in Zaragoza, Spain for use on their corrugating medium and testliner machine. Start-up of the winder is scheduled for December 2005.

Trim width to the highly automated WinDrum Pro winder is 7.8 meters and operating speed is 2500 m/min. The winder is equipped with automatic set change, automatic slitter positioning, automated core handling and gluing and automated parent reel transfer rails from the paper machine to the winder. Winder capacity is further increased by Metso's Continuous Winding automated function package, which permits fully automatic winding as long as there are new parent reels available.

WinDrum Pro winders give paper mills the ability to meet industry production demands by increasing winder throughput. New active tools for high-speed winding coupled with a truly remarkable 12-second set change can provide up to 15% more winder capacity.

Metso Paper's superior winding technology convinced SAICA to select WinDrum Pro. According to Francisco Carilla, Project Director, the high capacity of the winder, the high level of automation which allows one-man winder operation, the fast set change and the increased winding speed were important factors in their decision. Equally important was the ability to reduce vibration by adjusting the gap between the front and the rear drums.

SAICA is one of the leading manufacturers of testliner in Europe, producing over 1.5 million tons per year. The company has five mills and seven paper machines located throughout Spain and France.

More information: Tapani Nyman, Vice President, Board Business Line, Metso Paper Inc. Tel. +358 20 482 7392,