Metso Paper -supplied board machine rebuilds started up in Turkey and Algeria

Published June 13, 2007 08.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper has at the end of May successfully started up two board machine rebuilds, one in Turkey and the other one in Algeria.

The rebuild of board machine PM 1 of Pehlivanoglou Kagit, Tekirdag mill, Turkey, comprised new top and bottom fourdrinier, new SymPress Combi press section, dryer section modification including 3 new dryer cylinders, new drives for the above, tail threading, hydraulic system for press section, installation supervision, testing, start-up and training.

The machine is producing fluting and testliner with a basis weight of 90-125 gsm. Its wire width is 2,900 mm and the max. production speed 700 m/min. The design speed for the new parts is 900 m/min.

The rebuild of board machine PM 2 of the Algerian Quate Industrie, in Bou Ismail, comprised short circulation systems, two-ply fourdrinier wet end, SymFlo dilution headbox for the bottom ply, vacuum system, SymPress Combi press section, pre and post dryer section, steam and condensate system, hood, pocket ventilation, sizer with new feeding starch system, calender, ValReel reel, mechanical drives and oil lubrication system. Metso Automation supplied metsoDNA machine controls. The project also included start-up assistance and installation supervision.

After the rebuild, the machine produces fluting and testliner with basis weights of 105 – 180 gsm. Mechanical dimensioning for all new parts is 900 m/min.

Both rebuild projects were carried out by Metso Paper Como in Italy.

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For further information, please contact: Paolo Colombo, Project Manager Metso Paper Como S.p.A. Tel. +39 335 543 0936