Metso introduces new energy-saving roll cover for boardmaking

Published 9/4/2012, 9:00 AM EET

Metso has launched PressPolar, a new polyurethane roll cover for press rolls. The cover is suitable for large and highly loaded press rolls, mainly used in boardmaking. The PressPolar cover is designed to significantly reduce the energy consumption of roll drives in the press section.

New polyurethane material offers low rolling resistance

The roll drives in press sections consume remarkable amounts of energy, and also the soft roll covers on roll bodies greatly influence energy consumption. The rolling resistance of a roll cover is what affects the drive power consumption. In the PressPolar roll cover, due to the new polyurethane material, the rolling resistance is remarkably lower than that in conventional rubber and polyurethane roll covers. In addition, a roll with a PressPolar cover needs no internal water cooling. These features provide significantly reduced energy consumption.

Development of durable and long-lasting cover materials continues

Polyurethane roll covers have been well-known for their good wear resistance properties for decades. Metso continues the development in this field and the PressPolar cover offers the best durability ensuring extended service intervals and longer total roll cover lifetimes. 

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For more information, please contact: Juha Ruotsi, Global Technology Manager, Roll Covers, Services business line, Metso Tel. +358 40 519 4280, juha.ruotsi(at)

Samppa Ahmaniemi, Director, Roll Covers, Services business line, Metso Tel. +358 400 461 417, samppa.ahmaniemi(at)