Bertel Karlstedt appointed President of Metso Paper

Published Feb 05, 2003 13.59.00 +2 GMT

Metso Corporation's Board of Directors has appointed Bertel Karlstedt (40), M.Sc.(Eng.), as President of Metso's fiber and paper technology business area, Metso Paper as of March 1, 2003. He will also become a member of Metso's Executive Board. Karldstedt is currently President of Metso Paper's Paper Making Lines. Arto Aaltonen will continue as Executive Vice President of Metso Paper.

Metso Paper's current President, Juhani Pakkala will retire on July 31, 2003 and will remain a member of Metso Paper's Board of Directors. Pakkala joined Valmet Corporation in 1970 and has held several executive positions in the company in Finland, Canada and the USA. Under his leadership, Metso Paper has grown into the market and technology leader in its industry. On the basis of his vast experience, Pakkala will support the implementation of Metso Paper's new operating model.

In accordance with its new operating model, effective on March 1, 2003, the following executives have been appointed to direct Metso Paper's new customer business lines:

Paper Business Line, Hannu Mälkiä, M.Sc.(Eng.), location Jyväskylä, Finland, directs currently Metso Paper's Mechanical Pulping business line.

Board Business Line, Kaj Lindroos, M.Sc.(Eng.), location Järvenpää, Finland, currently the General Manager of Metso Paper's Coaters and Reels business unit.

Mechanical Pulping Business Line, Arto Aaltonen, M.Sc.(Eng.), location Helsinki, Finland, head of the business line in addition to his duties as Executive Vice President of Metso Paper.

Chemical Pulping Business Line, Hannu Hakamäki, M.Sc.(Eng.), location Pori, Finland directs currently Metso Paper's Chemical Pulping business line.

Service Business Line, Jukka Tiitinen, M.Sc.(Eng.), location Helsinki, Finland, directs currently Metso Paper Service.