Safe and reliable valve technology secures Metso a major order in coal gasification in China

Metso leads with the innovative technology being used in coal gasification.

This technological advantage has made Metso a quality valve supplier for coal gasification since 1991. With the expansion of coal gasification in recent years, Metso's valves are seen to be the most innovative products being used today in coal gasification. Once the plant is operational, all gasoline and diesel generated will meet the Chinese National Grade IV standards for vehicle fuel quality, classifying them as clean products.

"A good industry reputation and great investment value has made Metso valves a favorite in the market. Customers profit from having proven valve technology that ensures high productivity," notes Metso's Hangpheng Tan, Vice President, Sales and Service, Flow Control, China. The order includes a wide range of Metso's high-pressure ball valves and is booked in Metso's second quarter orders received for 2014.

Experienced in valves

Metso's high pressure ball valve structure features innovations that offer customers significant safety and process uptime-enhancing benefits. Process optimized seating and coating technologies ensure long lasting tightness as well as secure operation on demanding applications. Valve life and service intervals are extended, thus decreasing maintenance costs and maximizing customer's production.

Metso has a long track record of delivering engineered performance and reliability to the oil & gas industry with leading brands Neles®, Jamesbury® and Mapag®. In more than 90 years, Metso has delivered globally millions of valves, control valves and on-off valves, and has become one of the leading suppliers of intelligent valve controllers.

All of this is backed by field service expertise from currently over 55 Metso's automation service hubs and over 30 valve service centers around the world. Metso's valve technology and supply centers are located in Finland, the US, Germany, China, South Korea, India and Brazil.

Metso is a leading process performance provider, with customers in the mining, oil and gas, and aggregates industries. Metso's cutting-edge services and solutions improve availability and reliability in minerals processing and flow control, providing sustainable process and profit improvements. Metso is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, Finland. In 2013, Metso's net sales totaled EUR 3.8 billion. Metso employs approximately 16,000 industry experts in 50 countries. Expect results.,

For further information, please contact:

Hangpheng Tan, Vice President, Sales and Service, Flow Control, China, Metso, tel. +86 147 8225 6382, email: hangpheng.tan(at)

Jussi Ollila, Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications, Metso Corporation, tel. +358 20 484 3212, email: jussi.ollila(at)