Metso's innovative reporting application enables measurement-based CO2 monitoring for emissions trading purposes


Metso's innovative reporting application enables measurement-based CO2 monitoring for emissions trading purposes

First in Finland, the Martinlaakso power plant receives energy authority approval for the innovative solution.

Metso's reporting application plays a central role in the online carbon dioxide (CO2) measurement system at the Martinlaakso 1 power plant run by Vantaan Energia in Vantaa, Finland. The power plant is the first in Finland to receive approval for this measurement-based method from the Finnish Energy Authority, the national administrator for the EU Emissions Trading Registry.

"The new online solution replaces traditional CO2 reporting based on fuel data. It fulfills the complex reporting requirements of the EU Emissions Trading System by providing all necessary information for the verification process and authority reporting. It also monitors the availability of the CO2 measurement system and generates alerts to notify plant operators about deviations," says Tiina Stenvik, Solution Manager, Process Automation Systems, Metso.

The innovative CO2 monitoring system was commissioned at the coal-fired Martinlaakso power plant in 2013. In addition to Metso, the system suppliers include SICK, who delivered the online measuring equipment, and Indmeas, who supplied the flow measurements. Smooth and seamless cooperation between the parties was essential in developing and delivering the high-performing solution.

Full integration with the plant automation system

"Metso's monitoring and reporting application provides us with real-time information about the plant's CO2 emissions. Before installing the system, this emission information was obtained by sampling and weighing the incoming fuel," says Samuli Björkbacka, Operations Engineer, Vantaan Energia. "The information provided by the new application is used in our process calculations and in verifying the plant's CO2 emissions for the authorities. Online monitoring also allows the operators to immediately see possible measurement malfunctions."

Björkbacka appreciates the clear and versatile reports, as well as the trends that show the CO2 emissions caused by the combustion of coal. "One glance at the trends shows where we are standing with the CO2 emissions." The application provides reports on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.

Vantaan Energia and Metso have cooperated closely on many projects since the 1980s, and the Martinlaakso power plant operations are widely controlled with Metso's automation technology. The new monitoring and reporting application is based on the Metso DNA information system, which is integrated with the Metso DNA automation system. "Whenever we have needed any engineering support or changes in the application, Metso has been there for us. Our cooperation has been good," Björkbacka adds.

Long experience in emissions monitoring

The pioneering Metso DNA CO2 monitoring and reporting application is based on Metso's long experience in developing and delivering online emissions monitoring applications that are widely used at large combustion plants and waste-to-energy plants around the world. Calculations at large combustion plants are carried out mostly for sulfur dioxide (SO2), dust and nitrogen oxides (NOx); waste-to-energy plants include additional calculations for carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen fluoride (HF), hydrogen chloride (HCI) and total organic carbon (TOC).

The fact that Metso also has experience in emissions trading reporting based on fuel data and emission factors - the most commonly used method today - has enabled the company to smoothly transform its application know-how to include measurement-based reporting, too.

"Compared with environmental permit based emissions reporting, the documentation requirements for the CO2 application are much more demanding," Tiina Stenvik points out. "This case is an excellent example of Metso's continuous investments in environmental and energy-efficient solutions, and it completes Metso's product portfolio for CHP plants."

Information about Vantaan Energia, SICK and Indmeas

Vantaan Energia is one of Finland's largest urban energy companies and is owned by the cities of Vantaa (60%) and Helsinki (40%). The Martinlaakso power plant produces about two-thirds of Vantaa Energy's electricity output and most of its district heat. The total electrical capacity of the plant is about 195 MW and thermal capacity is 330 MW.

SICK is a leading producer of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications. It is a technology and market leader in factory and logistics automation as well as in process automation.

Indmeas is specialized in quality assurance of industrial flow and energy measurements. It offers services for assuring measurement quality and monitoring production efficiency in the process industry.

Metso's process automation solutions are designed to maximize the profitability of our customers' businesses by improving production performance and cost, energy and material efficiency. Our worldwide network of experts supports our extensive range of process automation solutions and services. We serve our customers in the pulp and paper and other process industries, power generation, marine, and oil & gas.

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