Körber opens its doors to its suppliers on 15 June 2022 for Körber Italian Supplier Day


Collaboration, sustainability, and innovation: these are the topics around which the Körber Italian Supplier Day is centered

The pandemic has changed the dynamics of all markets, highlighting the criticalities issue of the economies but at the same time opening up new opportunities. Supply Chain is one of the business sectors that have been affected significantly and   companies and suppliers alike are facing new challenges.

Körber thanks to its experience in the sector and its cutting-edge research and development center, is evolving from simple machinery supplier to strategic partner of technologically advanced solutions through the Körber ecosystem. With an ear to the market, the company shares all critical issues with customers and suppliers, and understands the demands imposed by the tissue sector by comparing individual expertise to offer innovative, advanced, and sustainable solutions.

"In order to strengthen ties and further refine the collaboration for the future, we have created this day dedicated to Körber suppliers to continue to create value together and dive into dialogue about current and future challenges of the sector" comments Paolo Sodero, Head of Purchasing of Körber Business Area Tissue.

During this day, selected partners will have the opportunity to participate in thematic workshops and learn about ecosystem with the Körber Business Area Tissue representatives. A revolutionary market approach that allows all the technologies involved in the tissue converting process to be integrated into a single solution: from raw material to finished product, all the way up to distribution logistics.

"Synergy: this is the key word for a day which aims to be a moment of discussion on the present, but at the same time a moment to discuss new ideas, express needs and challenges to develop joint new strategies for the future. The value and voice of suppliers are essential stimulus to further innovate and offer the market solutions that are even more performing, efficient, and sustainable than the current ones ". concludes Paolo Sodero.

The day will end with the Safety Contractor Awards, an acknowledgment to those suppliers who were the most outstanding in terms of compliance with safety and control procedures. The goal of the event is to focus on the issue of sustainability, a key element in the supply chain. To gain a better understanding of social, environmental as well as governance practices and activities and elaborate joint initiatives for a better future, Körber, is currently introducing a digital platform for collecting sustainability data from suppliers. as part of the next steps to achieve the sustainability target of the Group.