AP Webinar - OT/ICS security: How to improve operational resilience in a multi-vendor and multi-site world


Join Valmet and TXOne for an informative webinar on OT/ICS cybersecurity in a multi-vendor and multi-site world for Asia Paficic. Discover the current threat landscape for OT/ICS security and learn how to implement risk management strategies and best practices for securing OT/ICS environments.

Wed, 08 Nov 2023 06:00:00 GMT

In the webinar, our speakers will share real-world examples of how Valmet has been helping customers with their OT/ICS security and discuss the challenges of managing security in a customer production environment.

We'll also explore the potential impact of cyber attacks on OT systems and provide best practices for securing OT/ICS environments in a multi-vendor and multi-site world. Towards the end of the webinar, we will touch upon the risks associated with new OT connectivity to cloud or IT side services and how to develop effective countermeasures to mitigate risks and secure production environments.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from the experts. You will also discover how to maximize your OT/ICS cybersecurity with Valmet and TXOne Networks. The webinar will conclude with a live Q&A session, where you can ask your burning questions and receive personalized advice. 

We'll cover:

  • Introduction to OT/ICS Security
  • OT/ICS security: How to improve operational resilience in a multi-vendor and multi-site world
  • Towards more autonomous operations: Risks and Countermeasures
  • How to Maximize OT/ICS cybersecurity with Valmet and TXOne
  • Conclusion and live Q&A

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Time: multiple time zone covered, start times for each time zone are listed below: 

 New Delhi: 11:30

 Bangkok: 13:00

 Jakarta: 13:00 

 Hanoi: 13:00

 Kuala Lumpur: 14:00

 Manila: 14:00

 Seoul: 15:00

 Tokyo: 15:00

 Melbourne: 17:00

 Auckland: 19:00



Ari Rajamäki

Ari Rajamäki

Product Manager, Cybersecurity Valmet

Ari is Product Manager for Cybersecurity in Valmet.  He works in the Automation Systems business line helping customers’ OT asset owners in risk management, countermeasure and threat monitoring implementation projects. He holds a Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity and GIAC GICSP & ISA IEC62443 certificates.

Jack Loh

Jack Loh

Head of Regional Presales Consultant, Asia Pacific TXOne

Jack Loh acts as a security consultant liaison between customers, TXOne sales and product teams, who provides a hands-on, validating product solutions and managing regional support readiness tasks ,best practice, troubleshooting, developing tools and training. He is a seasoned network security professional with over 15 years of experience in the field.

Daniel Manning

Daniel Manning

Cyber Security Services Specialist, Asia Pacific Valmet

Daniel has experience working with distributed control systems and quality control systems based on customer sites in Australia and New Zealand. He is currently working as Valmet’s Cyber Security Services Specialist for Asia Pacific area supporting Valmet and their customers to implement OT security. Daniel has a Bachelors degree in computer science.