World Class Supply Chain global training program

Jun 21, 2023

The World Class Supply Chain (WCSC) global training program was developed to accelerate the achievement of Valmet’s strategic targets for its newly renamed and reorganized Supply Chain function. The program content focuses on: - Enhancing Supply Chain’s strategic contribution to profitable growth, innovation, and transformation to improve Valmet’s competitiveness - Improving analytical thinking to gain strategic insights into driving profitability and sustainability and increasing operational efficiency - Ensuring smooth flow of communication and operations to fulfill business and customer needs more efficiently and at lower cost - Strengthening Supply Chain’s matrix management and cross-functional collaboration - Building Valmet’s supplier innovation and renewal culture to make a difference - Driving sustainable supply chain management as the differentiator to enhance innovation and bring competitive advantage to Valmet.

Aside from the great content regarding supply chain management, it was an excellent opportunity for networking and learning about other areas of the business and how they operate. It was an honor to take part in the program. Thank you to all involved!” 

The program is intended for managers and professionals working in procurement, logistics, research & development, engineering, project management, services and sales. The aim is to have 250 experts attend by 2025 for a total investment of 1.25 MEUR. The program utilizes case studies, group work, online simulations, keynote speakers and engaging face-to-face learning modules to create a versatile learning journey and give participants useful new methods, practices, and tools for their own work.

The program duration is approximately six months, and it is delivered in cooperation with an external partner and Valmet’s supply chain management. When nominating people to the program we aim for as diverse a group as possible, eg different countries, genders, seniority levels, ages, educational backgrounds and parts of the business, to enhance the learning and networking opportunities. Feedback for the program is very good, with an average rating of 4.4/5.

Working together in small groups is an important part of program design.

Making an impact through project work  

WCSC builds capabilities to improve Valmet’s competitiveness, profitability, delivery efficiency and growth through a world class supply chain – and with over 30,000 suppliers in 60 countries, EUR 3 billion spent annually on direct/indirect purchases, and a procurement, logistics and warehouse workforce of 1200, the potential impact of the program is huge.

Project work is part of the WCSC curriculum, and participants are tasked with evaluating the business impact of the projects. Project themes are directly linked to strategy and Must-Win execution, eg Automating Supply Chain process steps, Measuring and reducing suppliers' CO2 emissions, and utilizing our global supply chain and supplier networks. Other program benefits include collaboration between organizations, investment in continuous improvement and improved innovation, leadership and communication skills.

Measuring program impact

The key metrics we are using to evaluate the success of the program include procurement savings, on-time delivery, automated purchase orders/invoices, supply chain-related innovations, talent retention – as well as program participation, average program feedback, and project work impact assessments.

Program brings together experts from around the world to learn together, connect and expand their networks