Neles™ V-port segment valve for control applications, R-series

Accurate and reliable performance for high capacity and wide rangeability control applications


Neles R-series V-port segment valve is an economical high performance control valve designed for liquid, gas, vapor and slurry control applications - especially with high capacity and wide rangeability requirements. R-series offers light weight, low torque control valves from 1" low capacity models up to 32".

Excellent control performance for high capacity and wide rangeability applications

Light weight - easy to handle and mount

Effective, rotating Q-trim attenuator for cavitation and noise abatement is a self flushing design

Excellent reliability with low maintenance cost


  • Real one piece body without inserts or seat retainers eliminates possible leak paths and bending forces from piping ensuring reliable valve operation.
  • Anti-blowout shaft.
  • Rotating, dynamic Q-trim attenuator for anti-cavitation and noise abatement.
  • Low emissions according to ISO 15848 with wide temperature range and the longest endurance class.
  • Fire safe certification according to API 607, 7th edition.
  • Versatile mounting orientations. 


  • Petrochemicals
  • Refining
  • Chemicals
  • Pulp & paper


Body construction Flanged / Flangeless
Body pressure rating ASME 150 – 600, PN10 – 100
Face to face According to IEC 60534-3-2 / ISA 75.08.02 or IEC 60534-3-1
Size range DN 25 - 800 / 1" - 32"
Temperature range -52 to + 425 °C / -60 to +797 °F
Tightness According to ANSI/FCI 70-2 class V (metal seat) and class VI (soft seat)