TrustLine Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice applies to processing of personal data in Valmet’s whistleblowing hotline

This Privacy Notice applies to processing of personal data in Valmet’s whistleblowing hotline. Even if the report has been done anonymously, there may be personal data of other people in the actual report. If you are a reporter wishing to remain anonymous you need to limit the information about yourself to a level not allowing identification.

The data collected will be controlled by Valmet Oyj.  The legal basis for the processing is a legal obligation based on EU Whistleblowing Directive or legitimate interests of the data controller if the report is not in scope of the directive.  Reporting misconduct helps to secure lawfulness of Valmet’s operations and that the principles set in Valmet’s Code of Conduct truly apply throughout the organization.  The possibility for anonymous reporting helps to eradicate any unethical behavior related to Valmet’s operations.  The risks to individuals are kept at minimum by careful governance structure and confidentiality: initially, only four executives will have access to the reports.  Additional persons are engaged only when necessary to safeguard prudent investigation.  

Valmet’s data processor, NAVEX Global and Valmet use EU Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses as an appropriate safeguard when transferring personal data to 3rd countries from within the EEA or Britain. The need for such a transfer may arise because of using an interpreter during a phone call or using a translator for a written report.  It is also possible that Valmet personnel outside of the EEA and Britain may need to access the report.

TrustLine data will be retained for six (6) years (unless country specific law provides otherwise) after the closing of the investigation, unless the information may be relevant to any pending litigation, inquiry, or investigation, in which case the information may not be destroyed and must be retained for the duration of that litigation, inquiry, or investigation and thereafter as necessary to the extent permitted by country specific law.

Valmet will support data subject’s rights, including access to and rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing concerning the data subject or to object to processing.  The data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (data protection authority).