Consumables self audit form

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9. What is the duration of current contracts for doctor blades?
10. When was your latest major improvement initiative in doctoring?
11. In the dryer section, what material is used for doctor blades?
12. How frequently are you visited by your current suppliers in doctoring?
14. What tools for doctor service do you have?
15. Do you keep stock of doctor blades, and if so, where?
16. On average, how fast does your doctor holders become so dirty that they would need cleaning?
17. What statement best describes Your work with doctor holders?
18. How often have you had web breaks clearly connected to poor doctoring in the past year?
19. If yes, where are the main problems?
20. What other doctoring problems do you experience at the moment?
21. How do you rate the amount of products stocked for doctoring in your mill?
22. How would you rate the current level of competence in your mill, within the doctoring area?
23. Would you be interested in a contact with our doctoring specialist for a free 2-hour mill audit?