Efficient, safe, and sustainable maintenance operations delivered by modern maintenance processes and methods ​

Maintenance operation development services

Partnering with you, to overcome your maintenance hurdles one at a time

To succeed in a highly competitive market, you need to be forward-looking, adaptive, creative and willing to learn and continuously develop.​ It is about identifying single or multiple areas of improvements, what in the individual processes or procedures is causing the shortcomings and where there is the greatest potential for success. ​

Partners committed to modern maintenance mindset and processes to develop and optimize, effective, safe and sustainable maintenance operations at site

Together we lead change by working with digitalization, maintenance planning & management, equipment reliability & optimization and quality, healthy, safety & environment to develop strategies, skills and wat to operate, organization development and maintenance processes and procedures to continously move your maintenance operations development forward step by step.

A partner for you in maintenance operation development due to

  • Proven track record with over 220 years of industrial history, OEM and developer of pulp, paper, energy and tissue equiment.
  • Deep technical know-how in operating and maintaining energy, tissue, pulp and paper plant with customers all around the globe.

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Our offering is based on systematic approach and well know improvement methods

Maintenance planning & management

Maintenance process optimization

Why partner with us? 

  • Extensive databases of Maintenance optimizations
  • Identify & prioritize gaps in process' efficiency, 
  • Develop implementation plan
  • Implement the plan for process improvement
  • Increase utilization rate of Organisation

Maintenance leadership & change management

If you are in need to take a 360 review of your leadership and management, we can create a program to secure sustainable change management to reach desired results.

Root cause failure analysis (RCFA)

Expected deliverables;

  • Standardized and systematic process
  • analyse and identify the root cause of failures in a product, process or equipment
  • develop a structured process to eliminate these causes and prevent their recurrence 
  • improve plant reliability and efficiency

Equipment reliability & optimization

Use our critical analysis experience to enhance your organisation

We analyse use a process of assigning assets a criticality rating based on their potential risk to 

  • identify possible consequences of failure 
  • prioritize maintenance tasks
  • ensure the mill and equipment reliability
  • Accelerated completion through our knowledge base of criticality analysis

Quality, health, safety & environment

Why 5S consulting should be important to you?

To support you eliminate waste and optimize workplace organization we use the tool 5S for lean process improvement.

  • Safer working environment
  • Reduced waste – time & cost
  • Faster mobilisation
  • Faster identification of potential failures
  • Efficient team

Digitalization for maintenance efficiency

Maintenance master data the foundation of a world class team

Maintenance master data (MMD) is our solution for managing maintenance operations at your site efficiently and effectively. MMD entails the collection and consistent formatting of a large amount of high-quality data to improve operating efficiency

Illuminate the way forward with CMMS (computerized maintenance management system)

To centralize maintenance information and facilitates the processes of maintenance operations we promote CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) software. The core of CMMS is its database, which is derived from maintenance master data.

We offer:

  • ​CMMS solution design
  • CMMS preventive and proactive maintenance
  • CMMS utilization

Partnering with you to overcome your maintenance hurdles, one at a time

Maximized reliability and optimized performance,
allowing you to focus on your core business

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