Process Control & Optimization

A trusted technology partner for your batch, continuous, and hybrid processes

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True integration for a more resilient operation

Is your plant running on multiple systems that don’t speak the same language? Are you spending all your time collecting data rather than making decisions with it? We can bring your batch and continuous processes together into one gold-standard system, making it easier to achieve your manufacturing goals.

Set up your entire plant for operational excellence

We have the system and the tools you need for a total plant transformation. Getting hooked up to our flexible Valmet D3® platform, you’ll achieve better quality and yields, increased throughput, improved safety, and higher profits.

Make compliance automatic

Our solutions facilitate regulatory requirements, including 21 CFR part 11 and GMP5, and adhere to ISAS88 Batch Management and ISA106 Procedural Automation best practices.

Write code once. Use it forever. Seriously.

All of our products offer continuous migration paths to protect your return on investment. As long as your plant is around, our experienced team will be there to support you and make sure your processes are running flawlessly.