Customer case:

Boosting production capacity of the single baling line in Estonian Cell

Aug 11, 2015

Estonian Cell, the only European pulp mill sourcing products solely from aspen, wanted to boost the capacity of its single baling line with a new slab press and improve availability in continuous shift production.

All our targets are being achieved. Our bale wrappers look smarter, using single bales wires has cut wire costs and means less dewiring for our customers, and we can now offer the big bale option. It's too early to assess maintenance costs, but it looks promising. Production stability is good and we have met our internal availability targets.Most importantly, our top priority has been achieved. Our target capacity has been easily reached. In fact, we recently beat our one-day capacity record by producing 557 tonnes and are well on course to meet our target of 165,000 tonnes for 2014."
Lauri Raid, Mill Manager of Estonian Cell


Location Estonian Cell pulp mill in Kunda, 110 kilometers east of Estonia's capital, Tallinn.
Customer challenge To boost the capacity of the single baling line and improve availability in continuous shift production. Rapidly rising electricity costs and production bottlenecks adversely affected financial results.
Solution The company responded with a bold strategic investment plant. This included a slab press investment and a new, innovative anaerobic effluent treatment phase that would reduce the mill's electricity consumption by providing biogas for use in production.
Results All targets achieved.
Keywords Pulping and fiber, Europe, New lines