Customer case:

Yuen Foong Yu Paper pursuing the goal of zero waste

Oct 7, 2019

Fewer raw materials, less energy consumption, better-quality products: all the key features of Valmet's OptiConcept M technology are highly compatible with Yuen Foong Yu’s business philosophy and long-term vision.

Our PM 3 board machine uses 100% recycled fiber to produce containerboard, including corrugated paper and kraftliner. The OptiConcept M was chosen for its advantages in energy saving and water saving in the beginning. But we were delighted to discover its high tolerance to the raw materials, and production transfer between linerboard and corrugated board is also very smooth. This makes it even more aligned with our original intention of making full use of all resources. The competitiveness of the design and the concept of sustainability are integrated features of OptiConcept M."
Chou Yu Lung, Mill Manager at Yuen Foong Yu’s Hsin Wu Mill

Summary table

Location Yuen Foong Yu’s Hsin Wu Mill in Taiwan
Solution Complete OptiConcept M containerboard making line from headbox to winder including
* Integrated automation solutions
Results Compact design of OptiConcept M can reduce the carbon footprint a lot even during the construction period.
It saves energy, water, and fiber. Now the PM3 steam consumption for 90–95 g/m2 board is around
1.1 tonnes, and power consumption is about 320 kilowatts per ton. This is a very low level in the industry and meets Yuen Foong's expectations well.
Keywords Paper & board, New lines, Taiwan

Technical data

Grades Lightweight recycled fluting grades
Basis weight 80 - 165 g/m²
Reel width 6660 mm
Design speed 1300 m/min
Capacity 352 000 t/a