Customer case:

Two new containerboard making lines for Anhui Shanying in China

Jul 25, 2018

The PM 5 and PM 6 start-ups were successful, with good results. PM 6 set a 24-hour average machine speed record of 1,398 m/min only 12 days after start-up. After three days of operation, the machine was already producing saleable products.

Anhui Shanying PM 5 and PM 6 start-ups were successful
”Over one year of operations proves that these machines run very smoothly and are easy to maintain."
Song Zhiming, Maintenance Manager of Anhui Shanying Paper Industry


Location Ma'anshan, in Anhui Province in China
Solution Valmet-supplied  two new paper machines (PM15 and PM16) for producing high-quality recycled containerboard grades 1,000,000 tonnes  annually.
Results Two paper machines produce lightweight yet strong recycled containerboard. Both machines have steam consumption as low as 1,5 tonnes per tonne of board produced. Their aim is to be competitive in the market by using less energy and raw materials. 
Keywords Paper & board, New lines, China

Technical Data

PM 5

Grades recycled testliner
Basis weight 90 - 175 g/m²
Wire width 8600 mm
Design speed 1200 m/min
Annual capacity 450 000 t/a


PM 6

Grades recycled fluting and testliner
Basis weight 60 - 110 g/m²
Wire width 8600 mm
Design speed 1700 m/min 
Annual capacity 450 000 t/a