Customer case:

Mule-Hide Manufacturing Co. saves substantial amount of time with Suction Roll Upgrade Edge Light

May 17, 2022

“We are extremely happy with the deckle edge lights! Instead of taking hours to rock the box and adjust the deckle screw for flat sheet, it was done in minutes,”
Jared Gindt, Plant Engineer, Mule-Hide Manufacturing Co., Inc., Cornell


Location Mule-Hide Manufacturing Co., Inc., Cornell, United States
Challenge The mill runs two different sheet weights on PM1. When they change weights, the sheet tracks to the far edge of one side of the suction drum roll. End deckle seals need to be adjusted to maintain vacuum when this happens. Operators have no visual of end deckle seal location since they are inside the roll.
It takes hours to adjust the end deckle seals to the proper location and restore vacuum. The mill was looking for a time-saving solution that will increase production.

Valmet recommended the Suction Roll Upgrade Edge Light Modernization for the PM1 suction drum roll. This
would have to be installed on a rush basis as the mill has
no spare roll for this position. Light kit was ordered in
advance and installed at the Valmet Neenah roll shop
during the mill’s yearly shutdown. Laser lights were
attached to the end deckle seal holders inside the roll.
Lights are powered by battery outside the roll when


With the Valmet Suction Roll Upgrade Edge Lights:

  • Operators can see the exact location of the end deckle seals and quickly adjust them to the edge of the sheet.
  • Adjustment now takes only minutes.
  • This time saving resulted in an increase in
Keywords Paper & board, Rolls, Production increase, North America, End deckle seals, time saving