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Valmet MAP - Valmet Pulp Analyzer

Valmet Pulp Analyzer (Valmet MAP) provides paper, board and tissue makers with fast and precise online updates of key fiber and papermaking furnish properties. It represents the state of the art in online fiber analysis, building upon continuous advancements by Valmet over the past thirty years. 


The analyzer incorporates a new high definition fiber imaging module which is the first online measurement of micro-scale details of fiber proper- ties, including fibrillation, vessel segments, flocs and other particles.

The fibrillation measurement, combined with other fiber properties measured by the analyzer, can be processed in a modeling tool that helps to predict how fiber properties will affect final sheet strength properties. This next generation analyzer continues to provide online measurement of fiber dimensions including kink, curl, size distribution, fractionation. Hardwood and softwood ratios are also calculated.

Valmet Pulp Analyzer is an ideal tool for managing furnish blending, refining and screening.

With a freeness measurement module included in the same platform, Valmet Pulp Analyzer provides pulp and paper makers with a quickly updated and complete fiber and furnish measurement solution. Rather than waiting for infrequent, time-delayed lab tests, machine operators can act quickly and decisively to manage furnish freeness, refining levels and fiber blend properties.


  • Consistent mixed furnish quality and drainage leading to improved runnability and productivity.
  • Increasing lower cost ply weight in boardmaking by improving top/bottom ply bonding uniformity.
  • Reduced furnish costs by minimizing expensive reinforcing pulp and increasing ash content.
  • Low variability and high quality mechanical and chemical pulp with minimal shive content.
  • Increased TMP refiner segment life while maintaining highest pulp quality.
  • Improved printing and converting performance, ensuring more satisfied customers.
  • Improved labor efficiency and operator effectiveness.

Customer success stories

Breakthrough in sheet strength management

Breakthrough in sheet strength management

Valmet’s fiber microscope measurement is enabling a paradigm shift in how LC refining is controlled to achieve final sheet properties in a cost-effective way

Valmet MAP shows the route to better refiner management

Valmet MAP shows the route to better refiner management

Pankaboard mill recently installed a Valmet Pulp Analyzer (Valmet MAP) to help provide better refiner control of the multiple furnishes to the board machines.