Customer case:

Comprehensive view to wet end chemical mixing with fiber image technology

Wetend Technologies and Solenis have been using Valmet's ultra-high definition (UHD) fiber image technology to study the retention process of board and paper mills. The findings help to optimize the correct use of retention, strength and sizing chemistries.

Valmet UHD imaging technology reveals the true nature of the behavior of fines in the retention process of board and paper mills. It helps us to optimize the TrumpJet mixing system of additives for the best performance.
Jouni Matula, Chairman, Wetend Technologies Ltd.
With UHD tools we can see how well fillers and fines are bound to fiber surface to optimize chemistries for improved sheet quality and lower dusting potential.
Eemeli Siitonen, Market Manager EMEA, Solenis
Location Finland
Challenge Chemical and process technology suppliers were looking for technology to know the effects of the wet end chemicals. 

With Valmet’s online and offline analyzers utilizing the fiber image technology, elements like fiber fractions of the furnish can be detected by UHD imaging analysis. Large and small particles like flocs, shives, dirt, fibers, and fines are measured separately.

  • Breakthrough finding: production of fines and filler agglomerates and binding them on fiber surfaces and fibrils instead of traditional flock forming
  • The findings help to optimize correct usage of retention, strength and sizing chemistries
Keywords Wet end, Fiber imaging, UHD technology, Automation

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