New opportunities in stock preparation and wet end with Valmet's Automation Solutions

Jun 22, 2023

Stock preparation and wet end processes are typically full of unknowns for board and paper makers. But controlling these process areas will enable optimization to gain energy & chemical savings, uniform quality, and better machine runnability.

Valmet’s portfolio of analyzers, measurements, and controls helps to save up to 12% on refining energy with real-time optimization. Together with enhanced dewatering, even more energy savings can be achieved. Automatic refiner control improves machine runnability and end-product quality for higher stability of refined pulp and steady web properties, and predictable end-product quality.

Real-time data will also allow chemical reduction. Retention and wet end chemistry measurements give the opportunity to optimize chemical use to meet strength and other quality targets while keeping costs to a minimum. Fixing quality after your headbox is costly. With Valmet analyzers and Advanced Process Controls you can confidently aim the target quality with stable and predictable stock preparation and wet end processes.