Valmet Kappa Analyzer

Valmet Kappa AnalyzerValmet has further developed its respected industry-standard Kappa Analyzer line, now introducing an enhanced online analyzer – the Valmet Kappa QC. This new generation of analyzer not only measures pulp lignin content, brightness and fiber properties, but also fuses a unique stabilizing control capability and Valmet’s decades of know-how.

Accurate measurements and stabilizing control for the entire fiberline



  • Automatic laboratory sampling
  • Measures critical properties – lignin content, brightness, pulp fiber and shives from the digester blow line up to final pulp
  • Incorporated oxygen delignification and bleaching stages stabilizing controls
  • Chemical oxidizing demand index (CODI) capabilities
  • Inline sensors to detect process variations
  • Centralized multi-point analyzer concept


  • Safe – access to information, sampling, and equipment upkeep
  • Better management of process variables – reduced kappa variation, chemical usage, environmental load and production costs
  • Rugged design with high availability
  • Fast start-up and return on investment
  • Easy, cost-effective future adaptability
  • Long equipment lifetime and low maintenance
  • Convenient maintenance and service options

Customer success stories

Pulp makers’ strong confidence in Valmet continues

Pulp makers’ strong confidence in Valmet continues

Pulp mills around the world placed a record number of orders for Valmet analyzers, advanced process control solutions and performance services in 2017.

Kappa QC controls stabilize pulp bleaching

Kappa QC controls stabilize pulp bleaching

Stora Enso's Imatra Mills in Finland consist of two production units: Kaukopää and Tainionkoski, 250km east of Helsinki, on the southern shore of Lake Saimaa. Together, they employ approximately 1,000 people and produce one million tonnes of board and paper annually. In the latest advance at the Kaukopää mill, Valmet has introduced its latest concept in the form of stabilizing controls for the entire bleach line.