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Valmet MR Moisture Analyzer

MR Moisture AnalyzerThe Valmet MR Moisture sets a new standard for efficient moisture analysis. It has taken Magnetic Resonance (MR) science and technology, harnessing it to create a simple and reliable moisture analysis solution. 


Unique device on the market that actually measures water content by measuring hydrogen atoms from free water moleculesMeasures virtually any sample containing water regardless of particle size


  • From woodchip to mineral slurries

Easy calibration

  • Calibration with regular tap water

Measurements from large samples

  • Handy reusable sample container size up to 0.8 l (0.2 US gal)
  • Particles may be ~ 80 x 100 mm (3.1” x 3.9”)
  • Multiple measurements from larger volumes can be presented as average results

Low maintenance - no wearing parts

Compact, mobile and durable construction

  • Can be safely transported and operated in various locations and environments
  • Does not need a fixed location in a laboratory

Simple and fast to use

  • Plug-and-play functionality
  • Easy touch-screen user interface


  • Efficiency simply means getting the best possible results with the least effort and expenditure.
  • Significant savings can be achieved in biofuel purchasing by determining real heat value
  • Savings and profit through optimized processes and fast trouble shooting
  • Savings and profit through optimized water content of end products