Distributed control system (DCS) for process automation

Valmet DNA Automation System

Valmet DNA is a single Distributed Control System (DCS) for all your process automation needs. It gives you complete control of all your processes and provides user experience and transparency that go far beyond traditional automation systems. Valmet DNA can be applied for process controls, machine controls, drive controls, and quality controls. Information management is an integrated part of the platform along with mechanical and field device condition monitoring. The single system architecture saves on both costs and effort while ensuring open growth for your future challenges.

The leading DCS user experience in pulp, board, paper, tissue, energy, marine, and process industries

Built-in control, optimization, condition monitoring, advanced analytics, and remote support

Certified cybersecurity based on ISO 27001 & IEC 62443-4-1 standards

User experience

Towards an autonomous plant

Valmet DNA distributed control system (DCS) integrates all the process automation needs under the same system. It provides an easy and practical approach from design to installation and maintenance.

Valmet DNA User Interface concentrates on making the most meaningful information available to all process automation users according to their roles, regardless of their location.

Built-in control & optimization

Interoperable applications

Valmet DNA User Interface enables easy use of all control & optimization applications through the same user interface for all users. Applications share the same data assets and visualization principles, making Valmet DNA the easiest-to-use automation system on the market.

Trends and event information is available through the same user interface. You can simply drag and drop any signal from any application to utilize the trend data. Instant troubleshooting, reporting, and process development take a leap to the next level.

Certified cybersecurity

ISO 27001 + IEC 62443-4-1 standards

Valmet DNA is the leading platform in cybersecurity. The security has been externally certified per the requirements of ISO 27001 and IEC 62443-4-1 (SDLA).

Valmet DNA automation system uses the Defence in Depth (DiD) approach from the beginning. The extensive Valmet Cybersecurity Lifecycle Services provide protection against any threat that might occur.

Control & I/O

Valmet DNA ACN controllers

Valmet DNA controller and I/O family ensure a dependable platform for all your controls and external connections. These control nodes support the modern ACN I/Os and main industry field buses, such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, FF, and AS-i. Standard links like OPC DA, OPC UA Ethernet, and serial links ensure excellent connectivity to third party systems.

Information management

Valmet DNA Information management

Modern process plants generate a vast amount of online data that is often stored and processed efficiently for later analysis. Valmet DNA Information management combines process interfaces, calculations, and databases into one uniform solution.

Databases store all measurements, setpoints, controller outputs, device statuses, motor starts, alarms, operation tracking etc. into history databases.


Engineering & maintenance

A scalable multiuser environment

Distributed control systems are used in different kinds of processes, often requiring a scalable multiuser environment for concurrent engineering. Valmet DNA Engineering environment contains versatile tools to engineer and maintain plant automation.

The tools allow life cycle management for all control applications, field buses, and field devices, as well as network document management. In addition, advanced diagnostic tools offer easy maintenance support for both applications and hardware components.