Sharing the journey with tissue makers

For a tissue making line to operate to its maximum potential, there needs to be perfect interaction between many processes and parameters. At a grand scale, even small actions can have a huge impact on improving tissue paper properties and reducing energy consumption.

Unique offering of process technology, automation and services

With a strong experience base and a global network of specialists in tissue making, Valmet has the competence, technology and resources to solve maintenance and optimization challenges. Our service solutions combine process knowhow, automation and services in an advantageous combination. We set out to meet each customer’s individual targets.

Unlocking the potential for better tissue making

Typical challenges in tissue making include process performance, avoiding unplanned shutdowns, reducing energy consumption and maintaining consistently high tissue quality. Today’s tissue makers are striving for more sustainable operations and improved cost efficiency.

Reducing environmental impact is a natural part of Valmet’s development of tissue solutions. The potential for higher quality and reduced energy consumption is another driving force for innovation. Above all, we aim to make tissue makers’ lives easier with safe, easy-to-operate equipment and solutions that pay for themselves quickly.

Solutions for energy savings and easier operation

Energy saving potential that can be tapped

Scalable automation solutions, such as Valmet IQ online quality management, offer all the devices and controls needed to optimize end product quality and process stability.  In response to tissue makers’ specific needs, Valmet IQ has several features dedicated to tissue, such as the industry first online IQ Softness sensor.

In many tissue machines, there is an energy saving potential that can be tapped.

Today’s tissue machines use about 70% of their total energy in the drying process. With proper dryness parameters and balanced settings of the hood and air system, Valmet’s smart Advantage BalanceControl system lifts production to a new level while keeping the drying energy consumption as low as possible. The profiling accuracy of Valmet’s IQ Steam Profiler combined with its advanced steam injection technology maximizes steam absorption efficiency and temperature increase, providing very high dryness.

Valmet DNA is a single automation system for all functions needed for tissue automation, and is scalable to all operating conditions, no matter the size. Monitoring the tissue machine’s energy and raw material consumption in real time improves maintenance efficiency and makes operators’ work easier.

Solutions to ensure uniform tissue paper quality

Targets for improved end product quality often revolve around better tissue bulkiness and higher softness. A stable and reliable press operation minimizes variations in quality and improves runnability.

Valmet’s Advantage ViscoNip press provides flexibility in press nip load variation, for example, to reduce the energy consumption or to increase bulk and softness. To ensure safe, reliable pressing operations, the new Advantage ViscoNip service supports optimum performance to maintain high product quality and sustainable production.

Advantage ViscoNip press

Well-functioning processes in optimal dewatering and sheet formation are necessary not only for good paper roll quality, but even to avoid economic losses due to web breaks, poor roll structure and unplanned shutdowns. Valmet’s roll covers, tissue forming fabrics, press felts and shoe press belts are designed to provide the best possible dewatering technology through improved drying capabilities and resilient performance in even the toughest conditions.

Benefits that speak for themselves

Unlocking the potential for higher-quality tissue production is all about finding optimal solutions, taking advantage of advanced technology and utilizing smart combinations of automation and equipment. Tissue makers all over the world are benefiting of Valmet’s service solutions through higher-quality tissue rolls, easier operation and major energy savings.