Yankee services for tissue machines

Extensive program for improved safety, performance and energy efficiency

Want to take care of your Yankee cylinder? Start with Yankee safety and performance inspection program. The inspection is a good basis for correcting measures and potential need of maintenance. The program is developed according to TAPPI recommendations and together with insurance companies. 

The Yankee safety and performance inspection program to ensure best operation condition for the Yankee dryer includes: 

  • Standard inspection
  • Fitness for service inspection
  • On-the-run profile measurement and troubleshooting.

A regular measurement of the Yankee surface is crucial to detect deviations from the original shape at an early stage and thereby allow correcting action without disturbing the production.

Valmet's wide network of Yankee services experts provide a complete service program to support and improve the Yankee operations. We have unique competences and experience needed to fulfill legal regulations and safety demands.