Drone services for tissue makers

Efficient Dust Removal with Drone-Aided Cleaning

Drone services for tissue makers

Keeping your workspace dust-free is essential, but traditional manual cleaning methods involving manlifts or ladders pose safety risks and necessitate machine shutdown. Moreover, accessing hard-to-reach dusty areas can be challenging. That's where our drone-aided cleaning solution comes in, offering numerous advantages. Switching to drone-aided cleaning not only enhances the safety of your working environment but also minimizes downtime. Say goodbye to extended machine shutdowns and welcome a swift and thorough cleaning experience.

Safer operation

Faster cleaning due to powerful blowing power

Cost competitive solution


Keeping it safe and clean with drones 

Dust accumulation can cause quality and safety hazards at tissue mills. Falling dust can lead to sheet breaks or the contamination of finished products, and dust also creates a major risk of machinery fire. 

Valmet has developed a solutions that utilize commercial drones for cleaning. As a result, we’ve now launched two different solutions that meet our customers’ needs.  

  • An automated cleaning solution with blowers is suitable for areas with a small fire risk 

  • One with vacuum suction for more delicate areas where blowing is not advised. 

We offer both a full cleaning service with operator services and an option for renting the drones, including comprehensive training and full technical support for the entire period.

Finding the right solution

Our expert can support you in selecting the best solution for your cleaning needs

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Article: Keeping it safe and clean with Valmet Drone Services for tissue producers

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