SCA Ortmann's problems resolved by Infinikote

Jun 5, 2013

Back in 2000, SCA Ortmann in Austria frequently faced a problem with chatter marks on the Yankee on their PM 4. Even though the Yankee dryer was only eight years old, the problems became so serious that it required regrinding – twice a year. After several years of regrinding, the situation finally became untenable and demanded a permanent solution once and for all. As SCA Ortmann had applied thermal spraying on their PM 9 earlier, with good results, they decided to spray the PM 4 Yankee dryer too, with Infinikote from Valmet (until December 2013 Metso Paper).

“Today we have nearly no Yankee wear. Both machines have been running trouble-free for more than 12 years without regrinding. We are very satisfied with the result and so is our machine operator who handles the Yankee dryer with care and makes sure the creping operation is well center-lined,” says Josef Berger, Operation Manager, SCA Hygiene Products GmBH.

SCA Ortmann is located in Pernitz, a one-hour drive from Vienna. The mill has two tissue machines producing bathroom tissue, napkins and hankies. PM 4 is the widest tissue machine in Europe with a sheet width at the reel of 6.92 meters. Consequently, it also has the largest Yankee dryer. The machine is running 100% recycled pulp at 1,870 m/min and it produces 91,000 tonnes per year.


Infinokote   SCA Ortmann applied Infinikote thermal spraying to eliminate grinding twice a year.


The work on PM 4 commenced on February 29, 2000, and finished on March 10. Eight Yankee experts performed the task using Valmet’s renowned Farros MZA grinding machine and six spray guns to apply the Infinikote.

The result was what you can expect from a high-class process like Infinikote. The papermaking surface is excellent and the Infinikote coating has greatly extended the life of the dryer and the continuous run time of the machine. The problem with chatter marks is now just a distant memory.