OptiWin Pro two-drum proactive winder

High productivity and capacity winding with just one winder

OptiWin Pro two-drum winder

OptiWin Pro two-drum proactive winders feature same the two-drum or belt-bed winding methods than OptiWin Drum or OptiWin Belt winders. Compared to OptiWin Drum or OptiWin Belt, OptiWin Pro has even higher capacity due to its proactive winding geometry, faster sequences, and many advanced winding tools.

Extremely high capacity

Low operator costs

No broke

OptiWin Pro equals two winders


OptiWin Pro winder can be equipped with dual unwind with splicer, the fastest parent roll change system in the world.

OptiWin Pro is the first comprehensive approach to eliminating vibration on winders. This is achieved by improving the resistance to vibration in all crucial winder components, such as the core locks, rider roll beam and drums. As a result with proactive geometry, OptiWin Pro makes it possible to equip vibration-prone and fast production lines with just one winder.

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OptiWin Pro highlights


  • High capacity based on a 15-second set change and good runnability due to excellent vibration control
  • Adjustable gap between winding drums to avoid running in resonances
  • Low operator costs due to high level of automation
  • No broke due to excellent spreading, automated sequences and vibration control

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