Constituent and total ash sensor for IQ Scanners

Valmet IQ X-ray Ash Measurement

The Valmet IQ X-Ray Ash Measurement (IQ X-Ray Ash) provides the simultaneous online measurement of total ash and of each ash constituent individually, enabling exact furnishing control.

Precisely control ash and related quality properties

Lower furnish costs by optimizing ash content and composition

Reduce startup waste and get on-spec faster with real-time ash measurements

Complete ash control 

The Valmet IQ X-Ray Ash is factory pre-calibrated for papers containing varying amount of total ash. The ash constituent analysis (Clay, CaCO3, TiO2) provides a solid base for controlling each component in the papermaking furnish. Digital signal processing, high-speed air density temperature compensation and dirt buildup compensation ensure superior sensor accuracy even in hot, humid and dirty environments.

Reliable x-ray sensing

The Valmet IQ X-Ray Ash sensor collects ash measurement details based on the absorption of low-energy X-ray radiation in the measured material. Dedicated detectors measure each ash component – clay, calcium carbonate and titanium.

The effects of air density changes are measured and automatically compensated using high-speed air gap temperature measurements. In addition, internal temperature measurements within the source and detector heads are used for diagnostics