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Constituent and total ash sensor for IQ Scanners

Valmet IQ X-ray Ash Measurement

The Valmet IQ X-Ray Ash Measurement (IQ X-Ray Ash) provides the simultaneous online measurement of total ash and of each ash constituent individually, enabling exact furnishing control.

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Complete ash control 

The Valmet IQ X-Ray Ash is factory pre-calibrated for papers containing varying amount of total ash. The ash constituent analysis (Clay, CaCO3, TiO2) provides a solid base for controlling each component in the papermaking furnish. Digital signal processing, high-speed air density temperature compensation and dirt buildup compensation ensure superior sensor accuracy even in hot, humid and dirty environments.

Reliable x-ray sensing

The Valmet IQ X-Ray Ash sensor collects ash measurement details based on the absorption of low-energy X-ray radiation in the measured material. Dedicated detectors measure each ash component – clay, calcium carbonate and titanium.

The effects of air density changes are measured and automatically compensated using high-speed air gap temperature measurements. In addition, internal temperature measurements within the source and detector heads are used for diagnostics

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