Forward just got faster

May 9, 2016

Valmet’s Fast Forward global training program brings 40 talented individuals from around the world together for two, week-long sessions of networking and diverse thinking. Project work is a key element of Valmet’s global programs as it brings positive energy to all involved and acts as a springboard for innovative thinking. In 2015, Valmet saw the completion of 150 projects – all of which supported individual development and the achievement of our Must-Wins.

“I attended the first Fast Forward program offered at Valmet. The overall experience was top notch – with everything being linked to expanding my networks and influence within the company, supporting my development and carrying out project work that delivers business value,” says Marko Salmela from the team in Asia-Pacific. 

Projects that take us forward

Fast ForwardParticipants design their own projects with guidance from their manager, mentor and the program professors. Project topics must be linked to Valmet’s Must-Wins and support the execution of the strategy. A key benefit of the program is the support from top professors and the mandate to deliver.

“My project is directly linked to my daily deliverables, but with a much wider scope. When fully realized, the project will impact the strategy of the entire Asia-Pacific area. Since the program, the project has already resulted in a twofold increase in sales, the creation of a new position, local skill development and better logistics for faster customer deliveries – and there is more to come. A key factor in the project’s ultimate success was the involvement of key stakeholders from all levels of the company and beyond. This backing led to a positive end result, smooth implementation – and potential to apply the same thinking in other parts of the organization.”

Internal project, external reach

Ultimately projects are focused on doing better business and moving our customer’s performance forward.

“During the fact finding phase of the project, I had the opportunity to speak with many customers in the Asia-Pacific area, as well our partners. Through these discussions, I was able to understand what we are doing well, what needs improvement, and how we can support customers better in the future. With the initial phase of the project now complete, we’ll begin to implement and expand across the region. This will happen through a series of trainings with local teams in Australia, followed by other Asia-Pacific countries.”

Program ends – but the projects and relationships continue

In total, 320 people took part in our global programs in 2015. We offered 5 different programs that were run in 11 different sessions. The number of projects completed totaled over 150 and the number of networking opportunities far more.      

“The Fast Forward program has been such a great opportunity to link my own work to the company strategy. One of the biggest benefits is access to world-class instructors that challenge you to work on a level that forces results. That combined with the opportunity to connect and learn from business management and colleagues from across the company makes the program an experience to remember,” concludes Marko.