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Roll covers for tissue machines

Tissue roll covers

Valmet’s roll cover expertise is based on solid expertise in materials, roll technology and tissue-making processes. As a result, users can enjoy maximum performance in all processes that include roll covers. Our roll cover portfolio includes a wide range of high-tech solutions for tissue-making.  

At Valmet, we are constantly working to develop the essential press properties of a roll cover, such as durability, reliability and dewatering capability. Our comprehensive product offering of both polyurethane and rubber covers for press applications clearly demonstrates our successful results. 

Press roll covers, in particular, play a significant role in tissue machines. In tissue pressing, nip pressure profiles also often impose extra challenges on efficiency and product quality. Valmet’s iRoll technology offers excellent tools to measure, analyze and optimize nip pressure profiles in tissue machines. Optimizing roll cover material, hardness and topography, as well as combining it with an optimized nip pressure profile, will let tissue-makers benefit from the best tissue profiles, improved productivity and better energy efficiency.

Optimized Yankee performance with Valmet Infinikote Yankee Metallizing
Valmet Infinikote Yankee Metallizing is the most reliable Yankee thermal coating available, providing superior heat transfer, extended doctor blade life and longer run times. It is also highly corrosion-resistant. 

Global application expertise
Valmet has a global presence and engagement in serving tissue-makers. With years of expertise in tissue processes, we can help you find the ideal solution and choose the best possible roll cover for each application. Our experts carry out roll cover inspections and perform onsite coating, as well as patching and repair services. Valmet now also provides
quick access to spare parts online.

Click the image above to use Valmet’s roll cover application tool to find the right covers for your tissue machine


SsangYong C&B optimizes tissue press nip efficiency

SsangYong C&B optimizes tissue press nip efficiency

To optimize press nip efficiency for TM 4, SsangYong turned to Valmet. The main targets were to improve energy efficiency by lowering steam consumption through higher post-press dryness, and to get more uniform moisture profiles by improving dryness profiles.

Significant benefits for tissue machines with the new roll covers

Significant benefits for tissue machines with the new roll covers

Over the years, the Metsä Tissue Mänttä mill in Finland has become familiar with many of the aforementioned cover problems and challenges often encountered on tissue machines. Valmet and Metsä Tissue have a long history of collaboration in roll maintenance and roll cover development projects.