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Valmet IQ Warp Measurement

Valmet IQ Warp Measurement (IQ Warp) is a new solution to complement the existing product portfolio for converting machines. IQ Warp creates a possibility to monitor the warping properties online and even control them.

IQ Warp detects even the smallest variations in warping. The measurement is applicable to both 1 and 2 stacker applications. Measurement principle is based on image analysis.

The laser light illuminated towards the measurement surface and the lighted laser line across the measurement area is pictured with a high-resolution camera, designed for industrial use. The captured pictures are analyzed with sophisticated algorithms and the outcome comes eventually down to the warping angle. Because of the advanced picture analysis and the positioning of laser and camera, the measurement is unaffected by existing creasing or shadowed edges.

The device consists of the camera unit, laser unit and a field box. The measurement has a web browser based user interface, from where the measurement information can be monitored. The measurement is also connectable to other automation systems via Valmet ACN MR controller.


  • Accurate warping percentage
  • Enables fast enough warp measurement for online control applications
  • Flexible and fast installation and start-up
  • Easy to maintain. The simple structure and non-moving parts enable longer lifetime.