Safety and efficiency through total tail control

An unreliable and slow manual tail threading process, a high volume of threading waste and other tail threading problems cause costly downtime for many production lines, and can also compromise operator safety. Upgrading the process by evaluating the current situation and finding the best solutions for automated, reliable and fast tail threading is a worthwhile investment.

Efficient and safe tail threading

Steps to efficient and safe tail threading

To hit on the most optimal solution, the first step is to evaluate the current tail threading process – the condition of the equipment and the efficiency of the process – to identify problem areas. The optimal upgrade solutions can then be found. Total tail control is about managing the whole process around tail threading, not just the equipment.

Correct solutions for each need

Valmet’s advanced tail threading solutions are suitable for all types of paper, board and tissue machines. This has been achieved through process know-how and expertise gained in various tail threading projects for both new lines and upgrades.

Ropeless tail threading conveyors represent the most advanced threading solutions. The conveyors’ vacuum is created by foil nozzles and the rotating belt controls the tail exceptionally well, even during process variations. Combined with a digital break recording and web monitoring system, the information received provides a very useful tool for troubleshooting and analyzing breaks. This keeps the paper machine consistently running at its top efficiency. FoilForce1 is the flagship of Valmet’s conveyor tail threading technology. Over 1,400 units have been sold worldwide.

Based on the tail doctor technology, TailDoc is an outstanding solution for automated tail threading in double-fabric dryer sections. The doctor blade separates the sheet tail from the dryer cylinder surface and compressed air is blown under the tail to guide it to the next fabric nip. It is easy to replace the existing threading system with TailDoc due to its minimal space requirements.

A suitable combination of tail threading systems and tail cutting devices are available for every grade and machine geometry. Tail cutting is performed with water jets or mechanical cutters, providing better controllability and uniform tail quality for the tail threading process.

Valmet TailDoc

Valmet TailDoc

Tail threading services secure operational efficiency and reliability

Proper tail threading services will maintain tail threading efficiency at their target levels and allow papermakers to focus on the core aspects of their business, such as quality development.

With a tail threading study, the main problem areas in the existing process can be identified and eliminated with the help of Valmet’s experts and their recommendations. Correct preventive maintenance actions bring savings in maintenance costs and ensure equipment availability and reliability. A Valmet service agreement is designed to secure the optimal operation of the equipment, reduce threading times and improve maintenance efficiency. It is the right tool with which to better manage overall operations around the tail threading process in a systematic way.

Economical tail threading improvement investment

Tail threading improvement investments where unreliable and slow tail threading systems are replaced with automated and safe solutions are generally very cost-effective and the related payback periods tend to be short. In a case where the threading time was cut by one-third through replacing the existing rope system with TailDoc tail threading units in the double-fabric area, the investment’s payback time was just a few months – and the amount of tail threading broke was diminished.

In addition to safer and more time-efficient operation, an upgraded tail threading system saves energy. Upgrading the tail threading process on a newsprint machine with a trim width of 8.0 m reduced the break time by about 30%, which meant annual savings of EUR 130,000 in energy costs.

Tail threading solutions

Valmet provides full coverage of tail threading solutions throughout the production line.