Solids measurements for wastewater treatment

Valmet Wastewater Measurements

Valmet solids measurements for wastewater

Valmet Wastewater Measurements deliver real-time solid measurement solutions for wastewater sludge treatment control and optimization. Our decades of experience and proven solutions help municipal and industrial plants operate more efficiently and improve sustainability.

Achieve considerable savings and a quick return on investment

Lower transportation costs and fuel consumption

Optimize chemical and energy use

Reduce in lab work and speed up responses to variations

Valmet Wastewater Measurements are engineered to deliver reliable, accurate wastewater insights. Our continuous online solids measurements and optimizer are developed to withstand the harsh environments of wastewater treatment and tolerate process disturbances.  They help significantly improve processes and operations. Reduce costs through chemical, energy and transport savings, while advancing sustainability goals through good wastewater treatment.

With an extensive installed base in municipal wastewater treatment plants and industrial facilities globally, Valmet delivers proven results. Our wastewater solutions are used in solids dewatering, in primary and secondary clarifiers, effluent, thickening, and digester process stages, as well as for further processing of dewatered solids, for example, at biogas and thermal heating plants.

Valmet works in close cooperation with our wastewater partners to ensure you get the best possible solution. Valmet solutions are backed by our automation services, a global network of experts with local presence ready to help you with your wastewater treatment processes.

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Solids Measurements For Better Wastewater Control

Solids Measurements For Better Wastewater Control

Download Valmet Wastewater Guide to learn how reliable online solids measurements can be used to optimize and improve plant operations and process.



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