OptiFlo Fourdrinier headbox - Transforming machine performance

The OptiFlo headbox family introduces a new level of performance with a modular construction developed to meet growing productivity and quality requirements of high quality paper and board machines. The OptiFlo Fourdrinier headbox is a mix of proven technology and new ideas.

Valmet's OptiFlo Fourdrinier headbox provides:

  • Excellent end product quality
  • Lower life cycle costs
  • Higher productivity
  • Secure investment

Better quality

The secret behind the 30% better CD profiling accuracy is OptiFlo’s ejector type dilution system and patented CD dilution profiling with edge feed control. Unlike traditional designs, profiling water is delivered to every primary tube. The redesigned hydraulics using accelerating secondary tubes provide better turbulence and flock breaking power and deliver a more uniform and stable headbox jet to the wire. Raw material quality potential is maximized and good formation without streaks or stripes enhances end product properties for perfect visual appearance.

Higher productivity

Making more with less is the byword for today’s competitive production environment and OptiFlo introduces a new level of performance for high quality board and paper machines. Increased machine speeds and better runnability are made possible by the excellent web uniformity achieved by the OptiFlo headbox. Quicker tuning at grade change, more uniform web edges providing a wider trim, further maximize production capacity potential. Unplanned downtime is minimized with the easy operation and good cleanliness of the headbox, allowing extended operation times while excellent component accessibility makes maintenance easier and shutdowns shorter.Headboc production boost

Headbox production boost - operate faster and longer. One production batch example.

Lower life cycle costs

Considerable energy savings are gained with OptiFlo’s ejector dilution systems, more efficient tube design and reduced internal pressure losses. Recirculation is minimized (5 %) and overflow pumping eliminated. The result is a 50 % reduction in energy consumed by internal headbox losses. Lower operating costs are also achieved with OptiFlo’s simplified maintenance requirements and exceptional component accessibility to make service easier and shutdowns shorter.

Liner board machine example: In order to achieve strength properties of 180 gsm, you would need only 170 gsm with flat profiles.

A secure investment

The advanced design of OptiFlo makes later upgrades possible to handle changing production needs or new control technology with the minimum disruption in production. The headbox ensures optimum utilization even though production or quality targets may change later. With OptiFlo, you can reach targeted improvements in productivity and quality right after start-up.

Customer success stories

Yinzhou Paper's rebuild for better quality test liner

Yinzhou Paper's rebuild for better quality test liner

Frequent customer complaints regarding the evenness and CD profiles of Dongguan’s linerboard led Yinzhou Paper to replace the headboxes and invest in modern quality control system.

Alfeld PM 2: A “special” star is born

Alfeld PM 2: A “special” star is born

Sappi Alfeld Mill in Germany recently took on an ambitious project to convert its one remaining graphic paper machine - PM 2 - into what is probably the largest, most innovative, automated and versatile speciality paper machine on the planet, with a capacity of 135,000 tonnes/yr.

Efficient board making at Liansheng Paper

Efficient board making at Liansheng Paper

Valmet's OptiConcept M produces high-quality containerboard at Liansheng Paper in China, using fewer resources. The mill's PM 6 is the first compact OptiConcept M–type production line to be started up, and it represents a new way to design, build, and operate a paper machine.

World’s fastest coated board machine

World’s fastest coated board machine

The Ji’an Group's PM 3 in China enables the company to optimize its raw material costs and to become a major producer of coated board. The novel curtain coating technology provides the mill with more furnish options to choose from.