OptiFormer Multi with multiple Fourdriniers

High efficiency and output across a broad range of grades

Valmet Fourdrinier ensures high efficiency and output. The flexibility to make products across a broad range of grades is also often desired, and white lined chipboard, folding boxboard and coated SBS can all be produced on the same multi-Fourdrinier machine. With this flexibility, production can be targeted at the best market potential and the highest value.

Cost-effective design with two, three, four or five Fourdriniers

High drainage and production capacity

Wide basis weight range with good sheet formation

Tailored concept for best utilization of raw material

A Fourdrinier forming section delivers gentle dewatering and high strength yield. The length of the Fourdrinier forming table is optimized for furnish used. The concept is cost-effective and provides good product properties throughout its operating range.

Multilayer web enables optimized structure for each of the plies

Fourdrinier forming can involve 1 to 5 plies, enabling a wide basis weight range with good sheet formation. The heaviest ply is often equipped with an OptiFormer Hybrid top former unit. Advanced dilution basis weight profiling can also be used for efficient profile control with the heaviest ply.

Valmet’s extensive product range also provides rebuild solutions for traditional Fourdrinier formers to improve end-product quality and output, or to enter a new basis weight range or board grade.

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Want to talk to our forming section experts?

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Looking for forming fabrics?

Valmet has constantly improved their forming fabric technology and created fabrics providing excellent runnability, high wear resistance, long running time, good paper profiles and good retention. Specialized forming fabric designs for packaging grades continue to improve drainage.

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Interested in pilot trials?

We offer the opportunity to experiment and develop paper and board products and processes without having to put your own production on hold. This is very cost-efficient compared to expensive tests in your own production. Follow the activities in the trials on site or remotely through live streaming cameras.

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Planning a grade conversion?

The world is changing fast; the consumption of newsprint and printing paper is decreasing and the consumption of containerboards or cartonboards are increasing. An old paper machine can be updated with a grade conversion rebuild to produce more profitable products. Turn a new page for your paper machine with the help from Valmet.

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