Valmet DNA Steam Turbine Automation

Valmet DNA Steam Turbine Automation for cost-efficient power plant operation

Valmet’s steam turbine controller is an integrated part of the Valmet DNA automation system. This advanced integrated solution improves the cost efficiency of a power plant’s operation and simplifies system maintenance.

Valmet offers the convenience and simplicity of steam turbine automation combined with the thoroughness of a fully integrated system. This automation solution for steam turbines provides protection and condition monitoring, along with precise control of your turbine. 

Valmet gets you back up and running quickly, by integrating steam turbine controls, protection and scalable information management into an easily deployable Valmet DNA turbine automation package. With this open-platform solution, you get deeper insight into your machine – and no black boxes.

All turbine controls easily accessed

  • Speed control
  • Automatic startup using sequences that handle different start-up conditions – cold, warm or hot start
  • Load control
  • Inlet pressure control
  • Back pressure control
  • Extraction pressure controls for different pressure levels
  • Various limiting controllers, such as an acceleration limiter, inlet pressure limiter or back-pressure limiter, according to process needs
  • Primary and secondary control
  • Thermal stress evaluation according to algorithms
  • Control of turbine auxiliary devices
  • Remote monitoring for deeper analysis

Integrated system performance

  • Redundancy at all levels
  • Overspeed protection
  • Machine protection
  • Machine condition monitoring, including analysis and diagnostics tools
  • Performance monitoring
  • Information management system for data collection
  • Simulator for testing and training
  • Remote access


  • Open platform, no black boxes
  • Control and protection in one system
  • High usability and availability
  • Easy and cost-effective maintenance
  • Seamless coordination between boiler and turbine controls

For more information, please contact

Timo Stranius