Customer case:

Valmet supplied BM10 succesfully started-up at Liansheng Paper Longhai site

In the fall of 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Liansheng Paper started up successfully and smoothly their Valmet-supplied BM10 board making line at their Longhai site. Since the start-up BM10 has been running stabily and is producing 125–230 g/m2 white top kraft liner. The whole production line has achieved very low levels of water, electricity, and gas consumption for the industry.

Despite the 100 percent domestic OCC with poor fiber quality we’re currently using, BM10 makes up for the disadvantage of the raw material due to the special design of its press section, enabling us to maintain the efficient high-speed production of lightweight products.

With the hood’s outstanding energy-saving effect, BM10 is superior to other machines in terms of steam consumption. The sizer also performs well, with precise sizing control, a wide adjustment range, high controllability, and a long-life sizing rod. The reel runs more smoothly than its predecessors and has a high turn-up efficiency, which improves our productivity.

The winder is amazing! It’s the first time Liansheng has attempted to match a paper machine with only one winder, and the result is better than expected. The automatic set change saves labor and enhances efficiency.”

Zhang Weilian, Production Manager of Liansheng Paper’s BM10

Liansheng Paper Industry in Longhai in Fujian Province, China

Solution A complete OptiConceptM boardmaking line from headbox to reel.

The BM10 has achieved a good start-up curve, with production and product quality achieving the design goals. The board making line is producing 125–230 g/m2 white top kraft liner and its operation is very stable, with a current speed of up to 1,150 m/min and a daily capacity reaching 2,200 tonnes.

The whole production line has also achieved very low levels of water, electricity and gas consumption for the industry.

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Technical data
Grades White top kraft liner
Basis weight 125 - 130 g/m2
Design speed 1,200 m/min
Capacity 2,200 t/d
Delivery Scope


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