Roll grinding services for tissue machines

3D roll grinding services

Extended running times and reduced vibration with roll grinding services

Valmet's roll grinding services provide precise profile and roundness shapes for roll and cylinder surfaces for papermaking. Maximizing the roll grinding precision means extended roll running times and minimal vibration.

Rapid, reliable and accurate 3D measurement

At Valmet, grinding targets are customized according to each customer's specific requirements using advanced 3D measurement technology. Whenever possible, Valmet grinds the rolls with their roll bearings on the roll axis. This allows 3D measurement of the roll in its actual running condition.

Valmet's 3D measurement system is capable of measuring the precise roundness profile of a roll. Connecting it to a grinding head with 3D compensation allows almost perfect roundness to be achieved.


Benefits of Valmet's roll grinding service

  • Fast, accurate grinding within planned shutdown interval
  • Cost-effective production and reliable runs
  • Extended roll cover running times

Nip optimization tools - CrownSim

  • Calculation of best possible crowning
    • Free form crown
    • Precision grinding


Using precise 3D measurement of the roll shape, the running time can be linked to the grinding quality of the roll. This also means the planned shutdown interval is achieved with a safe vibration level.

State-of-the-art technology

In order to achieve strict dimensional tolerances and surface finish requirements, Valmet's roll service centers round the world utilize the latest equipment and up-to-date expertise. With more than 50 advanced grinding machines, we can meet the specific needs of our customers and transform our global expertise into local competence. Continuous development in grinding technology leads to better roll cover performance and extended running times.

Online support for optimized grinding quality

By going mobile with remote access to all our grinding machines, Valmet’s specialists are able to perform grinding analyses and give on-time support to our grinding operators. This allows grinding quality to be optimized, wherever the service is taking place.

Exceeding our customer's requirements

For our customers, a professional grinding service means reliable runs and cost-effective production. Knowledge and experience of Valmet's local grinding operators combined with our sophisticated equipment and truly precise 3D grinding methods enable us to continuously exceed our customers' requirements.


Customer success stories and technical articles

Precise roll grinding with 3D roll shape measurement

Precise roll grinding with 3D roll shape measurement

Every customer has their own particular dimensional tolerances for board and paper machine roll grinding. A fast, reliable and accurate 3D grinding process is vital to meet those specific needs. Valmet’s experts take advantage of the latest 3D technology to guarantee precise profile and roundness shapes.