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Jun 26, 2024

Since 2021, Leipziger Wasserwerke in Germany has successfully relied on two Valmet Total Solids Measurement (Valmet TS) units at their largest wastewater treatment plant, enabling the plant to significantly reduce its operating costs.

Bird view of Rosental Wastewater Treatment Plant in Leipzig, Germany.

With a capacity of 550,000 PE (population equivalent), the Rosental Wastewater Treatment Plant in Leipzig requires a continuous and reliable solids measurement solution for its primary sludge treatment and digested sludge dewatering process. The facility uses mechanical, biological, and chemical means alongside an anaerobic sludge stabilization system to clean its wastewater and has relied heavily on Valmet’s portfolio of wastewater solutions for four years.

Before they turned to Valmet, Rosental Wastewater Treatment Plant’s challenge had been the need for a dependable measurement solution.

Martin Merkert (right) delivering the new Valmet TS to Marko Biewald (left).

Clear benefits with Valmet TS

The Rosental Wastewater Treatment Plant had attempted trials with other suppliers’ measurement solutions for sludge treatment and dewatering. However, the results with Valmet TS made the difference.

“Before we acquired our two Valmet TS units, the measurements and readings we received were often inaccurate,” says Marko Biewald, Operational Engineer at the plant. “It was a situation that was frequently time-consuming and cost us wasted hours, as we were unable to optimize our treatment processes.”

Valmet TS is a reliable and accurate real-time measurement solution based on microwave technology for wastewater needs. The two units the plant currently has installed offer operators a full array of the data and instant information needed to control and optimize the operation’s solids treatment process.

Valmet TS installed at the plant is used to optimize sludge removal from the clarifier.

Reduced chemicals and less pumping

The Rosental Wastewater Treatment Plant’s staff have seamlessly optimized sludge removal from the clarifier, enabling them to minimize water pumping costs during the later stages.

As part of the Valmet Wastewater Measurements portfolio, Valmet TS offers immediate solids measurement solutions for wastewater sludge treatment control and optimization. With decades of experience and expertise in the wastewater industry, Valmet provides proven solutions that are helping municipalities operate their wastewater treatment facilities more sustainably and efficiently.

“With Valmet TS, we’ve steadily improved the efficiency of sludge treatment,” says Biewald.

“All the important data we need to optimize our sludge processes is there and available to us in real time, which wasn’t previously the case.”

Leveraging advanced microwave technology and a design free of degradable parts, Valmet TS is the premier choice for total solids measurement in wastewater treatment applications. Its performance remains unaffected by changes in sludge quality or flowrates, ensuring consistently accurate readings by processing high sample volumes combined with rapid data collection.

30 years of proven Valmet TS performance

In the same year as it is celebrating its 130th anniversary, the plant has plans to commission a new Valmet TS. Valmet is currently working on its delivery.

Martin Merkert (right) with Marko Biewald (left) review the simple and intuitive user-friendly Valmet Bridge to easily perform daily tasks.

“We’re planning to use the new TS unit to optimize the polymer process at the centrifuge inlet,” says Biewald. “And we’re very confident it will lead to significant additional cost savings, both in the purchase of polymers and the transportation of sludge. It will also increase the operational reliability of the centrifuge thanks to the early detection of any disturbances.”

With Valmet TS, we’ve steadily improved the efficiency of sludge treatment, and all the important data is available in real time.

The microwave technology on which Valmet TS relies has proven itself over more than 30 years, and it has no moving parts that deteriorate or wear over time. Valmet is now entering the fourth decade of offering this technology to customers like Rosental Wastewater Treatment Plant and working to support them.

Overview of Rosental Wastewater Treatment Plant in Leipzig, Germany.

“From the very beginning of our partnership with them, the Valmet staff have demonstrated genuine expertise, while eagerly finding ways to ensure the measurement processes meet our expectations,” says Biewald. “They continuously provide us with updates regarding new developments and share potential new enhancements, so we’re optimistic about collaborating with them on our centrifuge’s process optimization moving forward.” 

Text John Marino Jr

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