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OptiSizer Film - sizer with film application at its best

OptiSizer Film offers a functional and innovative design, based on know-how and experience gained through more than 200 successful new film sizer installations and rebuilds all over the world. The design of OptiSizer has evolved for simple and reliable solutions resulting in easy operation and installation and fast initial start-up, which also makes it the perfect choice for rebuild projects. 

In film coating application, a thin film of coating color is applied to the surface of an applicator roll. The film is transferred to both sides of the paper sheet in a nip formed between two transfer rolls. The film application method provides excellent runnability. Simultaneous application on both sides of the sheet also saves space, which provides a competitive advantage in the case of high-capacity investments. 

Multiple production and speed world records set on a number of production lines serve as the best evidence of OptiSizer’s capabilities.

Main benefits:

Most advanced film application technology

  • Minimized feed and return flow and low circulating volumes
  • Unique, patented perforated sealing blade that tolerates well wrap breaks
  • Wide application area for both sizing and coating
  • Vast reference base

Easy maintenance & easy operation

  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to change consumables
  • High quality materials and components

Steep start-up curve

  • Full workshop pre-testing
  • Fully equipped sizer (nip rolls, integrated operator panel and control unit, applicator beams, internal piping, tubing & cabling, hydraulic and pneumatic components, frames and walkways)
  • Experienced process optimization support