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Shoe press belts for pulp drying

Contributing to high dry content

Valmet Black Belt shoe press belt responds to the demands the shoe press of a drying machine sets to belts. The belt features long lifetime and high impact strength, and contributes to high dry content.

Valmet Black Belt is designed to meet the requirements of

  • Efficient dewatering
  • No nip rejection
  • Capability to handle high nip loads
  • Long life potential
  • High impact resistance
  • High fatigue resistance
  • High belt cracking resistance
  • No marking (kraftliner, sack paper, WTL, FBB)

There are different belt surface options available according to the different customer needs.

Blackbelt 3G H - taivutettu_768x432.jpg
BlacBelt H - DG_768x432.jpg

Valmet Black Belt H DG

This is a triple-layer reinforced belt with partly transparent high performance polyurethane.

It features:

  • High durability and mechanical strength and low fatique due to special reinforcement
  • Efficient dewatering due to incompressibility and openability of the grooves
  • Discontinuous grooves prevent back splashing in front of the nip

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