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Forming fabrics for pulp drying machines

Featuring high drainage capacity

Valmet Forming Fabrics for pulp drying machines are designed to meet customer demands on good drainage, long running time, good stability in both MD and CMD direction, as well as good sheet support and sheet release.

Valmet Forming Fabric FP

The fabric meets the above requirements. Dimensional stability is achieved with extended heat setting to avoid any excess narrowing or stretching. Even CMD profiles are guaranteed, the fabric must be stiff in CMD direction to be able to carry high basis weights. The drainage capacity is very high as it must be able to drain huge amounts of water.

The fabric has excellent wear resistance, thus, having a lifetime expectations of up to 12 months or even more. Forming Fabric FP has good chemical and hydrolysis resistance and enough compression strength. It's also easy to keep clean as it doesn't carry any fiber or have fiber bleed through.

The fabric is available either with a standard seam (endless loop) or a spiral seam (joining of the fabric ends happens in the machine).

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