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Valmet Continuous Cooking Optimizer

Effective pulp cooking process optimization is built on well-managed instrumentation and basic automation. The purpose of the Continuous Cooking Process optimization is to produce the maximum amount of optimum quality pulp, stabilize cooking conditions, eliminate disturbances and provide operators with tools to execute production rate and pulp grade changes automatically.


  • Stabilizing Control Functions

  • Production rate and chip flow

  • Alkali dosage and alkali profile

  • Digester liquor balance

  • H-Factor and temperature profile

Pulp Quality Control

  • Kappa estimation

  • Kappa feedback control (blow line/MidPoint)

Management of Changes

  • Production

  • Pulp grade

  • Wood species

Disturbance Management

  • Chip column disturbance detection (Fuzzy)

  • Short time process stoppage


  • Even quality

  • Increased production

  • Decreased wood consumption

  • Reduced white liquor consumption

  • Reduced steam consumption

  • Minimized disturbances

  • Help in operator work

  • Pro environmental


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